Hydrogen tanker driver ticketed for 20-hour hazmat scare

Oct 26, 2017

The driver of the tanker truck with a cargo of refrigerated hydrogen that sprung a leak after hitting a light pole has been ticketed by police.

Credit Mike Desmond / WBFO News

Carl Wolfe, 63, of Thamesville, ON, was ticketed for not following lane markings. The mishap, in the parking lot of a Military Road Wegmans in Niagara Falls, caused the evacuation of some nearby homes and orders to shelter in place to other neighboring residences.

Hundreds of first responders were called to the scene, including hazmat teams, as hydrogen is very flammable and could explode. Several business were closed for the day, including the Wegmans and the nearby Factory Outlet Mall.

In the end, the 20-hour scare ended without incident. The owner of the truck, Air Products and Chemicals, is asking businesses that lost business due to the situation to submit claims for insurance reimbursement for lost revenue.