Improvements made to the Kensington Expressway

Oct 28, 2011

The State Department of Transportation celebrated the completion of the Kensington Expressway improvement project Friday.  State and community leaders gathered at the Jefferson and Cherry Street exit ramp.

The $5.8 million project was funded by state and local investments. It features a garden, along with the newly narrowed streets, sidewalks and lighting. 

The State Department of Transportation Acting Regional Director Darrell Kaminski said African artwork and symbols were inscribed into retaining walls near the exit to honor the community's heritage.

"It's just been a very refreshing experience to work with the community on this project. That's what we try to do on all of our projects, but this one has been special. It's been a great project," said Kaminski.

State Senator Mark Grisanti said it's projects like these that bring the community together.

"We're making sure that projects like this, hopefully are going to come to fruition a lot more in the future," said Grisanti

The Department of Transportation said they hopes to work with the community on future projects.