Investigation underway into police using SUV to pin suicidal man

Jan 4, 2017

An internal investigation continues after a Buffalo Police Officer drove a patrol vehicle into a man threatening another officer with a butcher knife on Saturday.


A video of the incident, at Chicago and Fulton Streets, shows a Buffalo Police SUV driving towards a man - pushing him against a wooden fence - and officers rushing in to subdue him. It made national news. Mayor Byron Brown points out that the police accomplished their goal.

"They were able to end this situation with no members of the public being injured. No member of the department being injured. And the individual himself, that was threatening to commit suicide, being detained and still alive," Brown said.  

Nonetheless, running into a person with an SUV is not department policy and Brown says it's under internal review.

Credit WBFO's Chris Caya

Some local departments outfit their officers with Tasers. But they're not in widespread use among the Buffalo Police.   
"With Tasers, from looking at research and articles and studies, there have been many individuals who have died through the use of Tasers. And in fact in winter time with people wearing winter clothes, often times a Taser is not effective," Brown said.  

The mayor also says, often times Tasers are not effective with people who have mental health issues. A department spokesperson says, the Buffalo Police continue reviewing data on their effectiveness.