Is it or isn't it a $300M Michelangelo?

Jul 20, 2017

Is a painting once stored behind a sofa in Tonawanda a Michelangelo?

That is what its owner has been trying to prove for the last 15 years, but has so far gotten only a mixed bag of scholarly opinion.

Martin Kober says the painting of a dying Jesus that he grew up with could be worth $300 million if it truly is a Michelangelo. Supporters cite written historical references and forensic evidence that includes Michelangelo's preferred paint.

However, doubters say it is simply not good enough, or is another artist's painted version of a much-copied Michelangelo drawing.

Kober has become frustrated over his long verification quest and says he is now willing to turn that job over to an artistic organization with more expertise and clout.