Jills suspend all activities in wake of lawsuit

Apr 24, 2014

All activities of the Buffalo Jills have been suspended until further notice.

Stejon Productions, which manages the cheerleading squad, says the suspensions are the direct result of a lawsuit filed earlier this week by five former Jills alleging underpayment under New York's minimum wage laws.

Credit Photo from www.buffalojills.com

Stejon is a defendant in the legal action, along with previous Jills manager Citadel Communications Co. and the Buffalo Bills organization.

The lawsuit alleges that not only were the cheerleaders not paid sufficiently for all the hours of work they did, but that they were subject to demeaning treatment at some of the events they had to participate in, including so-called "jiggle tests" to determine their fitness.

They also claim they were not reimbursed for expenses and fined for rules violations, and any gratuities they received were kept by the managers.

There are currently 35 cheerleaders affected by the suspension.