Job cuts coming to Dupont's Tonawanda plant

Oct 23, 2012

DuPont has also announced a worldwide reduction of 1,500 jobs over the next 12 to 18 months. That will include some positions at DuPont's Yerkes plant in Tonawanda by the end of the year.

Weak quarterly earnings reports and lower profit expectations from 3M and DuPont sent stocks tumbling today. The company blames continued low production volumes at the Tonawanda plant at River Road and Sheridan Drive.

The company did not indicate how many layoffs there would be at the Tonawanda facility, which includes research units as well as manufacturing of Corian and Tedlar. It did say it will maintain a workforce of about 600 employees in Tonawanda.

The job cuts will not affect the DuPont chemical plant in Niagara Falls, which employs 198 workers.