Ken-Ton names new superintendent

May 20, 2014

Dawn Mirand will take over one of the area's largest school districts.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The Kenmore-Tonawanda School District selected a new school superintendent Monday evening,  reaching to Mount Morris to bring back a former local teacher and administrator.

Dawn Mirand began her teacher career working for the Catholic Diocese before moving into public education, starting at Clarence where she worked for two decades.

In the new job, she is replacing Mark Mondanaro who's retiring after seven years in the district and a long career in public education.

The new district boss starts August 1, under a five-year contract starting at $170,000 a year. In the new job, she inherits the district's plans to close schools, reflecting the continually shrinking student population.

"It's not our largest issue," Mirand said.

"We have some of the same issues that a lot of other districts have, a financial system that doesn't give us the revenue it used to. We're still right-sizing while trying to hold onto student programs. There's a ton of challenges. Some of them are unique here, with the reorganization-transition plan. But that plan is well underway. We're outlining all of the steps and I'm confident all of the steps will be outlined before I leave," she added.

Ken-Ton Schools Superintendent Mark Mondanaro is retiring after seven years on the job.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Ken-Ton School Board President Bob Dana says Mirand was chosen from a field of nearly three dozen candidates because she clearly wanted the job more than any other other candidate.

Dana said some potential candidates were scared off by the issues of closing three schools while Mirand didn't appear to be.