Kennedy calls out Verizon over city service

Feb 17, 2014

State Senator Tim Kennedy says Verizon needs to expand its high-speed FiOS service within Buffalo.

FiOS has been an issue in the city for several years because the service is available in a few fringe areas of Buffalo, but only for the web. It doesn't carry regular cable TV services although FiOS does in some suburbs. In the past, Verizon has said it's years away from expanding further into the city.

Senator Timothy Kennedy says that attitude continues and it's a barrier to economic and business expansion in Buffalo.

"One of those barriers is the inability to access the highest-speed broadband services, specifically FiOS. It puts city neighborhoods at a clear disadvantage in attracting and retaining businesses and jobs and that prevents families from accessing the fastest internet speeds available to help families in their work, in their businesses, kids doing their homework."

Kennedy says the absence of FiOS in the city adds to the digital divide between those who have easy access to the web in their homes and those who don't or those who have to go to a public library branch whenever they need to use a computer.