Lawmakers celebrate new "Brunch Bill"

Sep 18, 2016

A new law is now in effect that allows restaurants in New York to serve alcoholic drinks starting at 10am Sundays. Several local lawmakers gathered at Trattoria Aroma in Buffalo Sunday morning to celebrate the adoption of the so-called "Brunch Bill." They raised a mimosa toast after counting down to the 10:00 hour.

State Assemblyman Sean Ryan and others join in a mimosa toast to celebrate new Brunch Bill.
Credit Photo courtesy of Assemblyman Sean Ryan

State Assemblyman Sean Ryan said prior to this, the start-time for serving alcohol was 12noon.

"Nobody really knew restaurants were not allowed to serve alcohol (before 12)," Ryan said. "The only time it came to their attention is when they were in a restaurant for a christening or First Communion only to be told they couldn't have a drink."

Under the new law, restaurants will be allowed to apply for up to 12 one-day permits each year that will allow them to begin serving alcoholic drinks at 8am Sundays. 

It also eases other restrictions by cutting red-tape for craft beer makers and allowing wine to be sold in growlers.