Lewiston man sentenced to 14 years for torturing women

Feb 25, 2016

A Niagara County man who lured and tortured women in his basement was sentenced today to 14 years in state prison.

Iver Phallen of Lewiston accepted a plea deal in December. Three women told prosecutors Phallen offered them money to come back to his Carriage Lane home. While there, they said the 68-year-old used various devices to beat, shock and abuse them.

The retired businessman met some of his victims at a Buffalo strip club. The incidents happened over the course of 2014. One of the victims contacted police, who searched Phallen's property and arrested him in September of that year. Investigators, at the time, found a list of names labeled "next targets."

Phallen expressed remorse at sentencing Thursday morning, telling the court he is "deeply, deeply sorry"and that he prays every day for his victims. The judge in the case said she was "appalled" and "disgusted" by the details of the case and opined that the agreed-upon 14-year sentence was too short.