Lewiston post office evacuated, haz mat teams on scene

Oct 12, 2016

The Lewiston Post Office was evacuated for an early morning emergency Wednesday.

Credit Google Maps

Lewiston Police say seven people complained of a noxious odor, a burning sensation in their throat and choking shortly before 8 a.m. They were all in a back room of the building. No one else complained of symptoms.

Police say those who fell ill were treated on the scene by Upper Mountain Ambulance, then transported to Mount St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston, where they remained under quarantine until the source of their symptoms was found.

Hazardous materials teams investigated the mail and the building, determining that the substance was a non-toxic irritant from an aerosol spray.

The streets around the South 8th Street location were closed to traffic as the investigation continued. Authorities say the building itself was been closed up and is no current threat to the surrounding neighborhood. Lewiston postal service customers had their service suspended today.

Police say this is not a criminal case, and postal service investigators would continue their probe of the incident.