Local Army Corps commander fired for 'personal misconduct'

May 22, 2014

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has fired the commander of its Buffalo District office due to "personal misconduct."

Brigadier Gen. Margaret Burcham, the commanding general of the Army Corps Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, said in a release Thursday that Lt. Col. Owen Beaudoin was relieved of command on Wednesday. Burcham says the Army Corps lost confidence in Beaudoin's ability to command.

The Army Corps did not divulge any specific reason as to why Beaudoin was let go.

“Despite this unfortunate situation involving the former commander, I continue to have total faith in the Buffalo District team to successfully carry on with their important mission,” Burcham said, in a statement.

His replacement, Lt. Col. Karl Jansen, will take over in the first week of June. Until then, Maj. Michael Busby, the deputy district commander, will be in command of the Buffalo District.