Long-time Buffalo Weather Service meteorologist heads for Weather Channel

Dec 30, 2011

A long-time forecaster at National Weather Service in Buffalo is completing his last day on the job Friday.

Meteorologist-in-charge Tom Niziol is ready to retire, but will now become an expert on winter weather at the Weather Channel.

"On a whim, interviewed for it.  they seem to like what they saw, so I'm going to get to experience the best of both worlds.  I will be retiring from my position here at the National Weather Service, but will get to jump right into another part of meteorology and be working for the weather Channel as their winter weather expert," said Niziol.

Ironically he will become a "snow bird" and work in Atlanta in the winter months..

"You know it's very ironic, that a guy who's going to take a job as the winter weather expert, is going to have to move away from winter," said Niziol.  

Niziol has spent the last 32-years predicting weather in Buffalo.  

And as he closes out his last day as a local forecaster, Niziol tells WBFO News the region could be in for a "significant lake effect snow" event Sunday into Monday!