Lt. Governor “appalled” by Trump’s Upstate NY remarks

Jul 27, 2017

New York State Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul tells WBFO News she is "appalled" by President Trump's comment about Upstate New York. Trump made his remarks for a Wall Street Journal story. He stated people who want to work in manufacturing should leave 'upper New York' for other states to work such as Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado. 

WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley caught up with the Lt. Governor at a Buffalo event Thursday morning for her reaction. 

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul reacting to Trump's Upstate NY comments with NYS Assembly woman Crystal Peoples Stokes and State Senator Tim Kennedy standing by her.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

“I was frankly appalled”, responded Hochul. “We spend so much of our time and energy, focusing on bringing back Upstate New York – making sure we are poised for the new jobs of the next century. Governor Cuomo has made this his mission.”

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul said what’s even more stunning is the President’s remarks that New Yorkers shouldn’t worry about leaving their homes.

“To have the President suggest that this doesn’t matte – that people should just abandoned their homes and go to other states – that is just inexplicable to me,” declared Hochul. “To have the leader of our country suggest and, indeed recommend, that people abandoned their homes – in as he calls it – ‘upper New York – Upstate New York to go elsewhere I’m still stunned by that and we are going got continue our work despite that attitude that Upstate doesn’t matter.”

Hochul, a former congresswoman, is calling on republican Western New Congressman Chris Collins and other leaders from New York to reject those remarks. 

“And I call on our members of congress to reject what was said about their home state and indeed their home areas,” stated Hochul.

Hochul appeared Wednesday at Burgard High School where Empire State Development announced $3.2 million of the Buffalo Billion initiative assist Alfred State College to expand the school's advanced manufacturing program. Hochul was joined by New York State Assembly woman Crystal Peoples Stokes and State Senator Tim Kennedy, both of Buffalo.

Peoples Stokes calls Trump's remarks a "disgrace."

“Someone should remind the President that the campaign is over – it’s his turn to work now and he can’t just work for the states that he’s recommending New Yorkers leave to go to – he has to work for the whole country,” said Peoples Stokes.