Man arrested for trespassing at Ken West

Feb 6, 2014

Town of Tonawanda Police have arrested a man they say was trespassing at Kenmore West High School.

Police say Derie Mohamed, 36, a resident of the City of Tonawanda, was found inside the school on Tuesday. He was not signed in as a visitor and police say he had no legal right to be on the premises. 

Mohamed was arrested without incident by patrol officers. He was unarmed and did not make any threats. But authorities say the did make some statements that caught their attention, saying he had visited Somalia a few years ago and making what police call a "disjointed" reference to the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings. 

Mohamed also told police he "wasn't a terrorist." Town police brought the matter to the FBI's attention.  He was questioned and is being held at the Erie County Holding Center on a criminal trespass charge. He will be in court next week.