Mary Wilson says Foundation will be accepting grant applications next year

Nov 9, 2015

Before Dr. Kriner Cash was selected to lead the Buffalo Public School District he made a remark at community meeting about seeking future school funding from the Ralph Wilson Foundation.  WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley follows up on that comment.

Dr. Cash's answer came from a response when we asked him a question back in August, during his public interview, prior to becoming schools superintendent. 

"What would be realistic for Buffalo, given its market size, when it comes to securing more grant dollars for resources?," asked Buckley.  "Excellent question. One billion dollars," responded Cash. "You work with board members and you go over and ask Mary Owen for some time to listen to my case," Cash stated in August before a public audience.  

Mary Wilson, widow of Ralph Wilson, answering questions about future Foundation giving.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

Late last week the widow of Ralph Wilson was here in Buffalo. WBFO News asked Mary Wilson what the possibility would be for the city school district to capture the Foundation's attention.

"Would there be anything you could offer the city school district?," asked Buckley.

"Well first of all this year is our legacy giving and it's reflected on Ralph's consistent giving over the last, you know, many years, and it gave us a year of breathing room, so next year we are accepting grants and we'll be looking at a lot of grants and doing some grant things with our mission statement," replied Wilson.

When Cash was superintendent of Memphis City schools he secured a $92-million dollar Gates Foundation grant.  Last week, while appearing at a public forum in Buffalo. he said you can never have 'enough money' for a school district.