Massive school reconstruction project coming to an end

Apr 15, 2014

Buffalo's vast school rehab program is winding down, with the Joint Schools Construction Board slated to go out of business June 30.

Around $1.5 billion has gone into turning city schools from decrepit relics with antiquated technology to marvels of modern school technology, from whiteboards in the classrooms to high-tech equipment in the boiler rooms.

There are a few things left to do and board members talked about some of them Monday, although there wasn't a quorum for a vote on items like deciding who takes over things such as warranties on new equipment.

LP Ciminelli Executive Vice President Gene Partridge says some work is still underway.

"There's the tail end of the window replacement project, yet to be completed, at a couple of schools, City Honors and School 76 Herman Badillo. And there's work yet to be completed involving the district's district-wide technology program and the establishment of their two new data centers," Patridge said.

There is also a virtual network tying together the buildings going forward for security and operations.

Partridge says it has all been a pattern of cooperation between his firm which was in charge of the work, the city and the school board.