Mayor: city cameras watching for hit-and-runs

May 7, 2012

With so much attention on the rash of recent hit-and-run accidents in the area, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda released surveillance footage today of a vicious hit-and-run in the city. 

The police camera captured the hit-and-run of 18-year-old Victor  Jeraz on Grant Street.  It happened at 3 a.m. last Thursday.  In releasing the video, Mayor Brown noted  just how dangerous these accidents are.

"Our message is clear that if you commit this kind of crime...we are watching. The video surveillance cameras are always watching. Our police are out and we are on the scene," said Brown.

A number of people witnessed the incident, allowing police to quickly make an arrest of 19-year old Tornubara Gbaraba of Buffalo.  He is charged with assault, reckless driving and fleeing from an officer.

"We want people to know that if you do something like this, you're going to get caught," said Derenda.

Police say there was an incident at a bar where some patrons where thrown out just before the accident.  They're not sure if that was connected to the hit-and-run.  The victim was treated for injuries and released from the hospital.