More Buffalo Public Schools need to improve

Nov 11, 2011

The State Education Department  issued its list of schools that need to improve state-wide.    More than 1,300  elementary, middle and high schools are on the list  -- an unprecedented number of schools statewide.   WBFO'S Eileen Buckley says in Buffalo 16-schools have been identified as "Schools in Need of Improvement.

"The impact of changing the cut scores on the 3rd through 8th ELA and Math would result in something like this. So no we weren't surprised by this. This is exactly what we understood would happen," said interim Buffalo Schools Superintendent Amber Dixon.

Dixon said  the state gave an accountability target last year that offered a bit of a break, but this year that all changed for the city school District.  The district has implemented a response -- it's an intervention approach to improve student performance. Students are being constantly monitored and given extra support to improve their skills.

"So by really looking at the individual needs of every child we are trying to get a better handle on this incredibly important task of getting all our students reading by third grade and appropriate levels in Math as early as possible," said Dixon.

Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch noted that If student performance doesn’t improve, schools must be held accountable -- and they will be watching --  Dixon tell us--she embraces that watch.

"To hear her say that, I'm glad they're watching.  I think it is the role of the Board of Regents to watch how we are doing in our schools, and on the other hand, I think more importantly, the watching that is going on in this district   is by our teacher sand our principals," said Dixon.  

D'Youville Porter School Number 3  and Build Academy are among the 16 schools on the new improvement list.