Mychajliw takes second term as Comptroller in "landslide" victory

Nov 8, 2017

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, on his way to a second term in office, is calling his win by more than 21-thousand votes a landslide compared to other county-wide races.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw accepts a win for his second term in office
Credit Michael Mroziak / WBFO News

“If you think about it, we’re down eight-to-one in enrollment in the City of Buffalo and down two-to-one County-wide,” said Mychajliw. “On paper, we have no business winning any race, and we pulled off a major victory – more than double digits. So I’m thrilled with that. I’m happy with that. And I think it’s a testament to taxpayers that they want checks and balances within County government, and that’s what I’ve delivered. And I’m going to continue delivering that in the next four years.”

Political newcomer Vanessa Glushefski’s credentials and professional record as an accountant failed to beat out Mychajliw’s popularity and the power of his incumbency. Mychajliw said it’s the taxpayers who he’s looking forward to working for.

“We’re going to fight for taxpayers, and make sure that we cut taxes in County Government, that we reduce spending in County government, and we create a culture where businesses can survive and thrive in our community. And mark my words – we’re going to regroup, we’re going to fight like hell over the next two years, and we are going to elect a Republican as Erie County Executive in 2019.”

Though the win was somewhat expected, the change in control of the County Legislature from Republicans to Democrats that took place last night was less so. Mychajliw said it won’t impact his ongoing role in government.

“It makes no difference to me. When I first took office, we had a Democratic majority in the legislature. I worked with a Republican majority. I hammer and hold accountable all politicians, regardless of whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. So it really makes no difference to me in my office. I’m an equal opportunity hammer. So I say, ‘bring it on,’ no matter who’s in charge.”

Mychajliw, whose wife is due to have a baby in February, said he aims to spend the next few months focusing on his family, and assessing his next priorities as Comptroller.