NCCC President remains as federal investigation proceeds

Mar 3, 2017

NCCC President James Klyczek will remain head of the Sanborn college as the investigation continues into allegations of contract rigging.

The Niagara County Community College Board of Trustees held a special meeting Thursday evening to vote on whether to place Klyczek on administrative leave in light of allegations that he tried to influence the awarding of contracts for the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute. However, trustees did not have the six votes to pass the removal.

Following the meeting, the college issued a statement:

James Klyczek has been NCCC President since 2002.
Credit Niagara County Community College

"Tonight, the Board of Trustees of Niagara County Community College, based on currently available factual information, voted to maintain NCCC President James Klyczek in his post as president during its investigation into allegations related to the process of awarding contracts for the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.

"The decision leaves the administration in place, maintaining consistency at the college and helping ensure students receive the same strong education they have come to expect from NCCC.

"Members of the Board of Trustees are approaching all decisions with careful thought and deliberation. The vote was not unanimous. However, the required six votes to place Klyczek on paid administrative leave were not achieved for a motion to carry.

"In addition, tonight the board voted to select the law firm of Hancock Estabrook, LLP, to coordinate the college's response to the federal subpoena and continue its internal investigation thoroughly and quickly to determine other matters of fact. Ultimately, it is the board's goal to confirm what happened, how it happened and address all findings quickly and decisively."