New admissions process faces a test in Buffalo schools

Feb 28, 2017

Buffalo schools are in the last stages of deciding who will be admitted to City Honors and Olmsted in the fall. These will be the first test of a new admissions process.

City Honors remains one of Buffalo's most popular schools.
Credit Eileen Buckley/WBFO

Combined, the two schools will take just over 300 students in the fall. To take the admissions test, families who want to go to either of the schools from out-of-district buildings, need to prove they live in the city before being allowed to take the test.

"There are thousands of students who applied this year," said Intergovernmental Affairs Chief Will Keresztes.

"Now that the district is offering in-school testing for any of our Buffalo students who would like to apply, there are thousands of applicants. In fact, if you're a Buffalo student, the only thing you need to do is sit for the test and that completes your application."

Other city schools have admissions processes but they are unique to each school, like McKinley or Hutch-Tech. Keresztes says there are more options now for students with the opening of new programs in computers and bio-informatics. There are also the much sought-after programs in DaVinci and both Emerson schools.

"When a student works hard and they're successful, the district intends to guarantee opportunities for their further success," Keresztes said. 

"One of the changes this year is that when a limited number of seats remain among equally qualified students and a tie needs to be broken, students who are currently enrolled in the Buffalo Public Schools are going to be offered those seats first in a lottery."