Niagara College Canada and Canopy Corp. partner to offer marijuana courses

Apr 19, 2018

Niagara College Canada signed off on a deal  this week with a marijuana company. The college known for its horticulture curriculum is joining forces with Canopy Growth Corporation to offer Canada's first fully accredited post-secondary program that specializes in showing students how to grow marijuana.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada slated to happen for later this year--- a surge in marijuana job growth is anticipated.

Mark Zekulin is the president of Canopy Growth Corporation says the program will educate and train the next generation of growers and operators.

"So for us, that's a big deal for our company, I think it's a big deal our partners at Niagara College, I think it's a big deal for this community," Zekulin said.  "I actually think, without being too bold, I think it's a big deal for Canada, as we march towards the end of cannabis prohibition."

The program starts in September. They’re admitting only 24 students. And so far, they've got hundreds of applications.

Dan Patterson is president of Niagara College. He says the new program builds on the school's rich history of horticulture and agribusiness.

"We've had greenhouse technician programs and landscaping and whole range of programming," he said.

Right now, the program is only open to Canadians.