NYPIRG's Horner critical of lack of ethics reform

May 8, 2016

Government corruption in New York continues to make headlines.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's Buffalo Billion program is now under investigation. And the Buffalo News is reporting a special grand jury will begin hearing evidence Monday in a bribery-related case said to involve former Democratic leader Steve Pigeon and State Supreme Court Justice John Michalek.

Yet, Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group says state legislators continue to resist calls to enact significant reforms to curb such corruption.

"We see in the polling data that virtually every New Yorker thinks ethics is a serious problem," Horner said. "So far, the Legislature has not felt at risk. There's not enough pressure on them to solve the problem."

Horner made his comments on the Capitol Pressroom heard on WBFO. He said limits on campaign contributions would go a long way toward curbing government corruption.