Occupy Buffalo's geodesic dome

Dec 6, 2011

Occupy Buffalo participants at Buffalo's Niagara Square now have a unique structure to provide shelter from the elements. 

The Occupy movement has been in place for about two months and vow to remain during the winter months.   WBFO'S Jim Pastrick checked out the new geodesic dome -- believed to be the only one of its kind at an Occupy movement site.

This is one weird Buffalo winter," said Simmance.

Christopher Simmance, one of the members of the Occupy Buffalo movement and a native of Western New York, says even he's surprised that there's no snow on the ground.

"I never experienced no snow in December," said Simmance.

But organizers and participants in Niagara Square fully expect the weather to change, so they're pleased to have a new, unusual shelter from the elements, a geodesic dome:

"This is a 20 foot dome it's roughly all 18 feet I want to say," said Simmance.

Simmance, an Army veteran who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, says it took about three days to put the dome together.

"We lifted the platform, but it took about maybe 10 of us to lift the platform.  It's pretty sold," said

And the Occupy members are well aware of the strong city winds that blow through Niagara Square in the winter months.

"This thing is geared for all that wind.  We have tiedowns that are rated at 125 tinsel town strength," said Simmace.

The construction team firmly anchored it to a heavy wood platform base to withstand the intense wind known to cut through downtown Buffalo.

"This is not going to move," said Simmace.

The geodesic dome consists of an industrial grade tubular aluminum skeleton, covered with a heavy duty canvas skin.

It's valued at approximately $22,000 and was provided by an anonymous donor, is the first of its kind in the Occupy movement.