Ogilvie to retire from Erie 1 BOCES

Apr 10, 2014

A respected educator who has made his mark locally is retiring.  Donald Ogilvie, district superintendent of Erie 1 BOCES, will step down in July. 

Ogilvie had spent 43 years as an educator.  He began as a teacher in the Williamsville district.  Ogilvie eventually became superintendent of Hamburg schools before assuming his duties at BOCES in 1997. 

BOCES, which stands for Board of Cooperative Educational Services, assists 19 school districts in Erie County with their instructional and managerial needs.  Ogilvie tells WBFO News he will stay involved.

"My hope is that there will be an occasional project or consulting role," Ogilvie said.  "I believe strongly in the issues."

And those issues are?

"We've got to embrace regionalism.  We've got to build the structure of organizations to take on change," Ogilvie said.  "We've got to make a difference for the students we serve."

But for now, Ogilvie says he plans to travel, spend time with his grandkids and do some gardening.