Paladino calls 'lynch' tweet a mistake

Jul 6, 2016

Buffalo businessman and school board member Carl Paladino is facing questions about a tweet he sent early Wednesday.

The tweet read: "Lynch @LorettaLynch let a Grand Jury decide." It has since been deleted and sent again without the first word. 

A screencap of the original tweet send Wednesday morning, which has since been deleted and modified.

Loretta Lynch is the U.S. Attorney General who has been in the spotlight after an unplanned meeting with former President Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport last week. She is African-American. The Justice Department has been looking at Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. 

When asked on Twitter why the word "lynch" was used, the Paladino account replied, "I work for Carl, I'm new to twitter & tweeted what Carl asked but made mistake of adding Lynch. My bad."

Paladino, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate, has been accused of insensitive behavior in the past, including sending emails with racist and sexist content.