Parent claims gun holster found at Starpoint

Feb 5, 2014

Things are back to normal at Starpoint Central. The School District delayed opening this morning after staff found an empty ankle-holster outside of the school around 7 a.m.

Niagara County Sheriff James Voutour says as a precaution, students were held on their buses while the school was searched.

"We were contacted by a parent who had attended an event last night at the school. The parent explained he grabbed several things out of his car. The holster was in his car. There was no gun in it. He apparently, by mistake, grabbed it as he was grabbing other items to go into the school and believes that he dropped it on the sidewalk on the walk in," Voutour told WBFO News.

Once the holster was identified, Voutour says the students were released from the buses. He says the start of school was delayed about an hour.