Participatory Budgeting Process is a success for residents

Apr 19, 2017

Residents who took part in Buffalo's first ever Participatory Budgeting Process say the effort was worth it.

As part of the process $150,000 was allocated for community projects to be decided by residents. Beverly Crowell with the Northland Beltline Taxpayers Association says, the approved list includes twenty decorative trash receptacles.  

"The Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association have a lovely logo on the front with PB on the side. And we're in hopes that this will not only help to beautify the neighborhood but encourage recycling in the community as well. And we're very excited to have successfully completed the project," Crowell said.   

Other projects approved by residents include new benches and improved signage in Dewey Avenue Park. Budget delegates spent about seven months developing a ballot of eleven projects voted on by over 300 Masten District residents.