Peace Bridge improvements may transport environmental benefits

Apr 11, 2016

After years of talk, the Peace Bridge Authority is opening its renovated and expanded Customs warehouse on the U.S. plaza.

Changes are finally arriving at the Peace Bridge.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Officials say the building will process trucks through secondary inspection much faster and cut down on air pollution as trucks idle while waiting for cargo to be cleared.

State Assemblyman Sean Ryan says that's good for the neighborhood which has long complained about pollution and asthma.

"We have a really nice building to look at and it's a big upgrade over the former building," Ryan said.

"Second, the building is what we like to see in new buildings, with the LEED certification and its great environmental building. It's a great example for buildings to follow."

The warehouse serving Customs and other federal agencies is another stage in a massive building project around the plaza. New ramps to the Thruway will be open later this year and Baird Drive will be torn out of Front Park, meaning trucks will go right onto the Thruway Niagara Section in both directions and only some will go onto Porter Avenue and into the neighborhood. There should be less pollution from slow-moving trucks.