Plan could bring more apartments, retail to Elmwood

Jan 22, 2014

Interested residents went to the Buffalo History Museum Tuesday night to hear about new development on Elmwood Avenue.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The final details are being worked out for another retail and residential complex on the Elmwood Strip. Work could start as early as April.

Benchmark Group wants to replace a parking lot it owns at 770 Elmwood, between Auburn and Breckenridge, with a three-story building, one floor of retail and two floors of market-rate apartments. It's an investment of nearly $6 million dollars for the Amherst developer.

Objections from the public ranged from parking to the materials in the building plan. Benchmark Real Estate Director Martin DelleBovi says the design reflects the neighborhood.

"We are taking into consideration some of the architecture that are in the surrounding properties and colors in the surrounding properties," DelleBovi said.

"We're using a limestone-type of material for the framing around the glass storefronts for the retail on the first floor."

DelleBovi says there will be 25 parking spaces inside the building with the entrance on Grenway Alley, a city street everyone agrees is in terrible shape and needs repairs.

Some neighbors believe the project would bring way too much traffic to the alley.