Planners pack summer schedule at Canalside

May 23, 2014

The list of programs and events scheduled on Buffalo's downtown waterfront is bigger than ever this summer. Canalside has planned more than 1,000 things for people of all ages to do in 2014. 


Planners expect these Adirondack chairs to be filled most days this summer at Canalside.
Credit Chris Caya/WBFO news

Even though Canalside attracted more than one million visitors last year, there will be even more activities and offerings this summer.   

"Be advised: There's something for everyone," said Tom Dee, Erie Canal Harbor Corporation President.

"Every year we make it better. It's so much better this year than last, than was the year before."

Along with more things to do, there will be more food choices and places to sit and eat.

Executive Chef Kate Elliott says the menu at Clinton's Dish will have traditional summer favorites and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.  

"(We are) Just kind of pushing the boundaries of food and what people expect from food at the waterfront. As Canalside grows, the food and beverage programming has to grow with it," Elliott said.

Among the new exercise options. Dan Vrabinski and his partners will be offering bicycle rentals and "Historical Bike Tours."

"The tours are two hours long. We stop at over 20 National Historical Landmarks, teach people about the City of Buffalo, and also have fun," he said.

Harbor Corporation Chairman Robert Gioia says the goal is to make Canalside an area where anything and everything is happening.

"If you're happy and you like it tell us. If there's ways that we can improve it tell us," Gioia said. "This is this community's waterfront and we want to make it enjoyable for the entire family."