Pothole pledge for city residents

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo residents are being reminded to contact the City's Call and Resolution Center if they see a pothole.

Mayor Byron Brown and the leader of Public Works met with reporters at the corner of William and Wilson in the city Tuesday afternoon.

"I encourage all residents to use the 311 Call and Resolution Center for questions and service requests for repairing potholes," said Mayor Brown.

City crews will be dispatched to fill potholes as part of the 48-hour pothole repair guarantee program.

"If you hit a pothole, if you get jarred by a pothole, we want you to call the 311 number," said Mayor Brown.

Public Works commissioner Steve Stepniak said his crews use cold patch to fill temporarily fill the holes.

"Is it a cure all for all road conditions? No. but it helps prevents the hole from getting larger," said Stepniak.

Gene Rose, with Public Works department, was filling the potholes along William Street Tuesday.

"They've been pretty deep. A lot of times, if they are over a few feet deep we would have to call and get a cone set at the location. There's been some from miniature to two feet deep," said Rose.

About 780-pothole repair requests have been called in so far, but Stepniak said there are no outstanding calls at this at time.

Wilson Street has been one of the worst streets in the City for potholes this season.

And Mayor Brown dug into a truck load of cold-patch with a shovel to demonstrate the pothole program.