Preservation Board allows for Rumsey Road demolition

Nov 27, 2017

Often the subject of controversy, home demolitions in the city of Buffalo have been common occurrences in recent years. Now, a demolition recently approved by the Preservation Board is drawing attention. It's taking place on Rumsey Road, home to some of Buffalo's finest houses.

This house at 34 Rumsey Road in Buffalo faces demolition.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO

The house at 34 Rumsey was the long-time home of businessman Joseph Mosey and his daughter Acea is executor of the estate. She told the Preservation Board there had been attempts to sell the house but inspections say there are serious structural problems which necessitate demolition.

"I'm not doing it because we're ready to build a house and we want to incur a cost early," Acea Mosely told the panel. 

"I'm doing if for the protection of the neighborhood and the concerns that have been brought to my attention as an attorney, as the executor of the estate for my father."

The issue drew considerable reaction at a recent board session. Preservation Board Member Richard Lippes had some qualms about allowing the demo.
"On the one hand, it's not one of the stately homes that are along Rumsey Road, the older homes that are along Rumsey Road and it is really not in character with the rest of Rumsey Road," Lippes said.

"On the other hand, it's a pretty nice house."

The house is unusual for Buffalo, since it has no basement and there are cracks reported in the floor built on the slab. Neighbors are worried about the demo. William Wachob shared his thoughts.

"Our concerns basically are things like, and again this sounds picky, maybe, but it's concerns dust control, whether there's asbestos and that kind of remediation will be going on, debris removal when the trees are being taken down. It's not to say that we object to trees being taken but just to know what the plans are," Wachob said.