Press Pass: Buffalo is welcoming to new immigrants

Jan 12, 2016

Buffalo's population is changing as the city welcomes more immigrants and refugees as new residents. The West Side in particular is benefiting from this diversity. The hardships some of these immigrants endured are shared in the January issue of Buffalo Spree. Editor Elizabeth Licata joins WBFO's Mark Scott to talk about that in this week's Press Pass.

Govinda Subedi and his son enjoy the festivities at November’s Buffalo Without Borders event, organized by the International Institute and held at the Lafayette Hotel.
Credit Photo courtesy of Buffalo Spree

The new immigrants hail from Burma, Somalia and many other nations. While some of the harsh rhetoric from Donald Trump and others would indicate they're not welcome, that's not true in Buffalo. The city has opened its arms to these new residents.

Elizabeth Licata says they are having a positive impact on our economy.

Mark and Elizabeth talk about the Castellani Arts Museum, Mother's Restaurant and the region's best doctors in the long version of Press Pass.