Press Pass: The local bar scene and 4 a.m. last call

Feb 16, 2016

Taverns have long been important in Buffalo as places to socialize, eat, drink and do business. The February issue of Buffalo Spree celebrates the region's bar scene.

Parkside Meadow: Known for its decor
Credit Photo by kc kratt / Courtesy of Buffalo Spree

In recent weeks, there was a lively debate on whether the 4am closing time for bar should be moved to 2am. The Erie County Legislature voted to keep last call where it is. Elizabeth, who lives in Allentown, says she fully supports the 4am closing.

Also, Elizabeth and Mark touch on the 25th anniversary of the TriMain Building as a venue for the arts. The Buffalo Arts Studio at TriMain celebrates the anniversary with two exhibitions that recall the days of Ford and Bell.

Elizabeth also talks about an exhibit of abstract, pattern-based works by artist Peter Stephens at the Freudenheim Gallery.