Press Pass: Putting the spotlight on radioactive waste

Jul 12, 2016

Pockets of radioactive waste have been identified at mostly- residential locations in Niagara County and on Grand Island. Dan Telvock, who recently reported on the story for Investigative, shared details during WBFO's Press Pass.

The waste comes in the form of slag, the byproduct of former processes found at area chemical companies. Telvock says the material was used "to gravel driveways. to gravel parking lots to gravel underneath roads. Some have found it in flower beds."

While some debate the dangers involved, the level of measured radioactivity is notable.

"The amounts that they were finding ranged anywhere from triple to 70 times what's in the natural environment."

In some cases, officials have been able to identify the companies that may have been responsible for the radioactive material. For the most part, cleanup plans remain unclear.