Proposal seeks to ban puppy mill purchases

Feb 15, 2018

Pet stores in New York State would be prohibited from buying dogs or cats from puppy mills and other large commercial breeding facilities under a new proposal in the state legislature.

Credit National Public Radio

The legislation sponsored by Democratic Sen. Michael Gianaris of Queens would require pet stores to get their animals from licensed rescue shelters or humane societies. It also would ensure that rescue organizations retain ownership of the animal if it is not adopted.

“With thousands of good animals in need of homes, there is no need for notorious puppy mills to supply pet stores,” said Gianaris“Our four-legged companions should be treated with respect, not like commodities."

The legislation announced Thursday is modeled after a similar law in California. Gianaris said his intention is to find good homes for rescue animals while discouraging large commercial breeding operations that have been linked to animal mistreatment.

He predicts bipartisan support for the measure, which has not been scheduled for a vote.