Reconstruction of Niagara Falls State Park underway

Jan 8, 2013

Winter visitors to the complex of state parks around Niagara Falls will see major construction underway aimed at a spring completion.

State Parks Western Region Director Mark Thomas says buildings and landscaping in the Olmsted design are wearing out because of time and the eight million visitors who come to the parks each year.

Now, the Cuomo Administration is putting up renovation money, $25 million over three years.
That money is going across the regional parks, especially in Niagara Falls where major work is underway on Luna Island, Three Sisters Island and the Cave of the Winds, with all slated to be done by spring.

Thomas says there is also work being done in other parks. 

"We have a comfort station in the camp ground at Golden Hill State Park coming in. It's going to be built down near the historic lighthouse at the park which will serve both our campers and but also the visitors to the light house. And, then the other facility which will be under construction is down at Evangola State Park in the camp ground as well," said Thoams.

Thomas says there hasn't been much work done at Evangola in years.