Reed confident of avoiding a government shutdown

Aug 30, 2017

While threats of shutting down the Federal government seem to accompany each passing budget season in Washington, some observers fear President Trump's volatile presence could turn the threat into reality. Southern Tier Republican Congressman Tom Reed, however, believes such talk is little more than speculation.

Southern Tier Republican Congressman Tom Reed believes budget solutions will be found to avoid a government shutdown.
Credit WBFO File Photo

"I do believe we're going to avoid a government shutdown," Reed told reporters during his weekly conference call with media. 

The questions were in response to President Donald Trump's threat of a government shutdown if funding is not appropriated for a US-Mexican border wall. Reed, a bold Trump supporter in the November election displayed a nuanced shift away from the President on the issue, saying that a "straight wall" would not be as effective as deploying modern technologies to border security. 

"In the Problem Solvers Caucus, we are already working, potentially, as a group to take a position in a bipartisan way to say: We need to govern. We need to keep the lights on. And we need to deal with the debt ceiling at the same time."

Reporters also inquired about President Trump's response to the developing crisis in Houston. Reed offered high marks.

"He's taken the necessary steps by going to Corpus Christi," Reed said of the President's visit to the flooded areas of Texas.

"He (Trump) wants to send the right message that he's standing with our fellow American citizens in one of their times of greatest need. So, I think it's a good move."