Reed defends Trump's trade deal desires as seeking a level playing field

Dec 21, 2016

A Western New York congressman, who was recently tapped to join President-Elect Donald Trump's transition effort, is downplaying concerns that Trump's trade deal desires might backfire on U.S. manufacturers.

Congressman Tom Reed shares President-Elect Trump's sentiment that certain trade deals are outdated while others were not well-negotiated from the start. Reed is downplaying concerns that Trump's interest in renegotiating foreign trade deals might ultimately make it tougher for American products to reach a global consumer base.

Credit Mark Lennihan/AP

"And as we go forward, I think we're going to see trade opportunities where the President-Elect as well as myself recognize, with 95 percent of the world's consumers outside our borders, we need access to those markets," he said. "But what we have to do is, when we access those markets, we do it on an even and level playing field. I think those are the principles that we're going to bring into 2017 and beyond and that's good for the American workers."

Congressman Reed was recently tapped to join Trump's transition team as a Vice Chair.

The President-Elect, during his campaign, was especially critical of the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed by former President Bill Clinton. He was also critical of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, supported by President Barack Obama but not yet enacted.

Trump has vowed to abandon the latter deal, involving 12 nations along the Pacific Rim, once he takes office.