Regents testing continues during cold weather school closings

Jan 29, 2014

Despite many area school districts that closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to frigid wind chills, some high students were required to take the state regents.  

Inside the hallway of a Buffalo Public School.
Credit WBFO News file photo

1,200 Buffalo Public high school students were to report for regents Tuesday even though the District closed its elementary schools. 

"This test, when administered and shipped off, that's the end of it, and those are very strict rules," said New York State Board of Regents member Bob Bennett.

Bennett tells WBFO News students who fail to report today will be required to take the test this June.

"You can not take this test Friday or next week because there is major security issues here, once this test is administered -- it's locked and sealed and delivered back to BOCES or New York State Ed Department," noted Bennett.

In Buffalo -- Global Ten was administered Tuesday and Algebra was yesterday afternoon.  

40 of 50 students reported at Hutch Tech in Buffalo Tuesday morning for Global History.

"We had our kids show up and especially the ones that are in need of it for graduation and it went pretty well," said   Sabatino Simato, principal at Hutch Tech.  Simato consider the turn-out very good.

"These exams are must pass exams in order to graduate," said Simato. "The students need to have a Regents diploma in order to graduate from high school, and when you look at something like a Global History and Geography, that's one of those must pass five exams right now."

Algebra was Tuesday afternoon.   Other suburban school districts that were closed Tuesday for classes also administered regents exams to high school students. North Collins Central was closed, but a few students were required to attend for regents Tuesday.