Regional Science and Engineering Fair hosted in Cheektowaga

Apr 2, 2017

Twenty-one students received top honors this weekend after taking part in the Western New York Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Cheektowaga Central High School.

Credit Natalie DiIenno, Lumiflux Media

Some of the scientific projects were quite complex. Others dealt with more easily understood topics such as the impact of detergents on the environment. Competition spokeswoman Diane Vigrass said all the work was worthy of recognition.

"When you walk into the judging area, the students are outstandingly proud of their work as well they should be", says Vigrass. "They work hard on the scientific process and making sure their work is research based as well as following that specific principle. The process is very important to them and that's how we do our judging."

This was the 75th annual science and engineering fair open to students from throughout the area in grades five through 12. Some of the award winners will move on to compete in state, national and international competitions and the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars.