Republican Astorino announces gubernatorial run

Mar 5, 2014

A top Republican county official from New York City's northern suburbs is officially launching his uphill fight to unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino announced in a video Wednesday morning that the idea that things are great in New York is a ``fairy tale.'' 

Rob Astorino is seeking the GOP nomination for governor.
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"I'm tired of listening to the fairy tale that everything is just great, when it's just the opposite," Astorino said. "I'm tired of watching New York's decline. Living in New York shouldn't sound like a prison sentence, but that's too often what you hear today."

State Republicans hold their nominating convention in May. Celebrity businessman Donald Trump is also considering a run. 

Cuomo is far ahead in polls, name recognition and fundraising. But Astorino argues New York is moving in the wrong direction and Cuomo is beatable. 

Astorino, 46, was easily elected in November to his second term. Twice as many Democrats live in New York than Republicans.

"We look forward to an entertaining Republican primary process and are ready to to run against whomever their nominee is in September." said Peter Kauffmann, spokesman for the New York State Democratic Committee.