Scajaquada speeders face beefed up police enforcement

Jun 3, 2016

If you're among the motorists who have been thumbing their noses at the 30 mph speed limit on the Scajaquada Expressway, Buffalo's top law enforcer says there will soon be a greater chance that you'll be slapped with a speeding ticket.

Responding to a growing number of complaints about drivers ignoring speed limits on the expressway, Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda said Thursday that officers will be beefing up enforcement.

Credit WBFO file photo

The death of a young boy last year prompted officials to reduce the 50 mph speed limit. A vehicle veered off the expressway and struck the child who was on Delaware Park's Ring Road.

Officers launched an aggressive enforcement initiative shortly after the tragedy. But Derenda said there has been a recent spike in reports of motorists traveling at excessive speeds.

“I spoke with the chief of the district yesterday,” Derenda said. “He is going to increase enforcement, because we’ve recently got more complaints. Apparently, the message isn’t getting through. But we’ll reinforce that message with some extra enforcement.”

The commissioner said the Police Department will continue to use unmarked vehicles in traffic stops on Route 198.

About 1,200 speeding tickets were handed out on the Scajaquada between May and October of 2015, and motorists can expect even stricter enforcement on the expressway and in other areas, including Parkside Avenue, Derenda said.

“The more the public sees enforcement, the more complaints we get about addressing other areas,” Derenda said. “So, you probably will see an increase in enforcement in ’16 compared to ’15.”

Long-term plans call for transforming the Scajaquada Expressway to a parkway. The redesign would re-route traffic, make intersections safer, provide bike and pedestrian crossings and preserve the historic landscape of Delaware Park.

WBFO's Matt Neidhart contributed to this report.