Schumer: Passenger rail safety must be reviewed

Jan 8, 2017

Following a train accident last week, Senator Charles Schumer is calling on federal authorities to test train engineers for sleep apnea.

Last Wednesday a Long Island rail road train derailed in Brooklyn injuring over 100 people. Schumer says testing train engineers for sleep apnea could prevent further accidents and save lives.

Schumer released this statement on Sunday:

“Enough with the one-off approach to passenger rail safety.” said U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. “For too long, what has been happening is this: a derailment occurs and then that one individual system promises a change, but then nothing is done. Railroads aren't heeding lessons from other railroads and that's unacceptable because we are talking about keeping the riding public safe from injury and even death. We need sleep apnea testing programs and inward facing cameras installed - and more. And we need it done now.”

Schumer is calling for a safety review and report on which rail systems are and are not testing for the sleep disorder.