Schumer says privitizing air traffic control could hurt consumers

Jun 11, 2017

Sen. Charles Schumer is pushing back against President Trump's plan to privatize the United States Air Traffic Control system, saying it would give airlines more control and leverage to increase airfare.

Credit FAA

The ATC system is currently controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA's ATC operations would move into a non-government entity under the new proposal.

"Privatization of public goods, whether it's for the construction of roads and bridges or in this case, aviation, often leaves the average American with the short end of the stick and gives big corporations way too much power," said Schumer. "It could cost middle-class families even more and not create the kinds of jobs our economy needs."

Schumer says the plan could also create new obstacles in terms of national security.

The proposal is based off of Rep. Bill Shuster's Aviation, Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act in 2016 which died before reaching the House floor for a vote.