Seeking changes, Paladino takes school board seat

Jul 10, 2013

This afternoon, Carl Paladino goes to his first full meeting of the Buffalo school board as a member and he's bringing a thick stack of paperwork outlining changes he wants to make.

The developer and former gubernatorial candidate wants fundamental changes in the way the board and the school system operate. He's starting that with a demand that Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown either resign or be fired. He's also looking for more public information on details of her personal contract.

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The new board member wants more information about how the board spends what he says is a lot of money for little result. Paladino points to a reorganization of the superintendent's office, which is supposed to spend less money for more people.

"That reorganization plan has to be approved by the board. I believe that some people are maintaining that the reorganization plan was included in the budget that was approved last month. But, to my knowledge board members were not aware that they were approving a reorganization plan at that time because they hadn't seen anything of that sort," Paladino says.

Paladino wants the board to meet much more this summer with only a late August session slated after tonight. He says there are too many unresolved issues which need to be addressed including creating more classroom spaces for students who want to transfer out of the district's mostly failing schools.