Signage, lighting approved for new Market Arcade

May 4, 2018

The Buffalo Preservation Board gave the go-ahead Thursday for electric lights and signs on the outside of the Market Arcade Cinema. That came as work rushes toward completion of $9 million in renovations to re-open the movie complex closed in June of 2014.

Credit DCI Signs and Awnings

DCI Signs and Awnings out of Newark, NJ designed the lights in the AMC curved logo design. Jay Hurzy appeared at the board meeting to present the plans for the new lighting, including a marquee-style sign on the front of the theater.
"What they're looking to propose is on the front entrance of the building a marquee-style protruding sign overhanging the sidewalk and a wall-mounted sign sitting on top of a pre-installed tube that I believe was already approved for the construction," Hurzy said. "They're also proposing two separate signs: one on Washington Street, facing Washington Street; and one at the end of the building, which will be on the north side of the building for traffic on Washington Street."

The theater had entrances on Main and Washington when it was open, with parking on Washington and the now-closed Theatre Station for Metro Rail out front.  The signs are apparently designed to be visible even with the bright lights of Shea's across the street.

Credit DCI Signs