Snowfall is starting to diminish throughout Western New York

Feb 7, 2018

Total accumulation should range from three to six inches with areas in the southeast seeing close to six to ten inches.

Credit Nick Lippa WBFO

Snow started to fall in the city of Buffalo around 4 AM this morning. Main and secondary roads throughout the city will continue to be plowed and salted throughout the day.

Snowfall is expected to let up around 4 PM today. Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak said it has been a challenging salt year for the city.

“It’s been a cold winter,” said Stepniak. “The precipitation has been up this winter. We are good on our salt storage. Actually our Boulevard location (just) got fully stocked there. It is taxing, this time of year with budgets and things like that, because of the volume of salting that has to be done this year.”

Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak
Credit Nick Lippa WBFO

Stepniak said there’s not much volume to the snow. There are 30 plows out working right now. Drivers will be out for most the evening working 12 hour shifts.

“We’ve had a few snow storms actually had some timing coming in at this point,” said Stepniak. “It always makes some challenges. It’s not overly difficult. You got out there early, get the material out there… you have to really be on top of it.”

It’s always important to keep walkways clear with weather conditions like todays.

“You end up having ADA ramps in front of homes that get snow,” said Stepniak. “Residents, by the time they get home, they are going to have five to six inches of snow on those sidewalks. The better we can keep those clear, the much better off we are. We try to be a walkable community and that includes winter travel as well.”

There’s a winter weather advisory for Niagara, Erie, Orleans, Genesee, and Chautauqua counties until 4 AM tomorrow morning. Tonight, there will be another one to two inches of snow throughout spots of north and south Western New York.

Credit Nick Lippa WBFO